JCBRC Services

JCBRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the small business community in Jefferson County, Colorado.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to find solutions for any challenges or questions you may have about doing business in Jeffco.  We are also here to assist you with other needs or opportunities and offer guidance or direction when you need it.

Whether you are planning a start-up enterprise or you are the proprietor of an established business, we are the centralized hub for the myriad of resources available for business growth and success in Jefferson County.  Our services are offered at no cost or low cost for Jefferson County business owners and residents.

We provide comprehensive services, training and resources for both start-up and established businesses. Our approach is that of “Economic Gardening” where entrepreneurial activity is fostered by providing the essential information, tools, infrastructure and connections needed for business development and growth.

We offer free, confidential and unlimited business counseling for Jefferson County businesses.  Below is a list of potential topics you can discuss with one of our counselors.

Example of types of business services offered:

1. Business Viability Analysis and Strategic Planning
2. Assistance with Business Plan Development
3. Market Analysis
4. Industry Specific Research
5. Demographic and Expenditure Data
6. Business to Residential Targeted Mailing Lists
7. Brand and Marketing Materials Assistance
8. Information on Sources of Financing
9. Business Education & Workforce Assistance
10. Customer/Client Experience Check-Up
11. Financial Check-Up

Contact JCBRC today to make an appointment with our business adviser:  303-996-8976