Gurus Program


Gurus is a mentor program that connects seasoned Jefferson County business owners, who are willing to share their knowledge and experience, with Jeffco BRC clients who have interest and desire to learn from the best. This program is designed for start-up, new and existing business owners to function as a catalyst for evolution and growth.


Business owners face a lot of challenges and don’t always know where to turn for help. What better way to find solutions and best practices than by asking someone who has “been there” and understands the common pitfalls associated with owning a business.


Gurus is an excellent opportunity for Jeffco business owners to help bolster economic growth and development within their community.  In this way, business owners take an active step and help improve the business climate and ensure success for future generations of small businesses.

To learn more about Gurus please call - 303-996-8976

Interested in Becoming a Guru?

Learn more about becoming a Guru here.