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What We're All About:

Jeffco BRC is a 501c3 organization dedicated to providing quality services and support to small businesses within Jefferson County.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to find solutions for any challenges, opportunities, resources, or answer questions you have about doing business in Jeffco.  

We provide comprehensive services, business education and resources for both start-up and established businesses.  Our approach is that of “Economic Gardening” where entrepreneurial activity is fostered by providing the essential guidance, tools, and more. 

Our Services Include:

Our services are offered at no-cost or low cost and designed to meet the needs and support the small business owner with fewer than 10 employees.  All Jefferson County businesses are welcome to attend training, programs and meet with our advisors. Whether you are planning a start-up enterprise or are the proprietor of an established business; we are the centralized hub that will connect you with many business resources available in Jefferson County. 

Call today and let us support you with your business!

Meet the Team

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Amira Watters

Executive Director

Amira assumed the role as Executive Director of the Jefferson County Business Resource Center in June 2014.  She brings a unique understanding of the numerous struggles that small business owners face and the steps that need to be taken, to take to overcome these challenges. Amira has owned her own business since 1997 and previously worked in multiple roles with The West Chamber Serving Jefferson.  She was instrumental in helping to develop and launch many of the programs that chamber enjoys today.

Amira is passionate about making a difference in the lives of small business owners by connecting them to the essential resources they need to succeed!  Amira’s area of expertise includes: Program Development, Marketing, Networking, Community Outreach, Business Development, Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships.  

In her free time, Amira enjoys attending live music events, hiking, socializing with friends and family and traveling.


Lou Riverso

Business Adviser

Lou Riverso joined Jeffco BRC in 2016.  Lou is a natural problem solver, organizer and enjoys sharing her business strategy and expertise with Jeffco BRC clients.  Lou works with start-up and existing business owners helping them achieve their goals through specific actions steps and accountability.  Lou has played a key role in the emergence of companies from the initial concept to the operational stage of development and succession.  Both as an owner and as a consultant, her areas of expertise include Business Development, Growth, Sales, Human Resources, Cost Analysis, Cash Flow and Operational Procedures and Processes. Jeffco BRC continuously gives positive feedback about their experience with Lou.  Call the center and schedule your no-cost appointment today!

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For more information and to set up your FREE Consultation please call:  303-996-8976