Manage for Success

Keep Your Business Successful 

Successfully managing a business requires specific management skills in addition to knowledge of key business practices. Within this section you’ll learn about leadership traits, decision-making skills, and how to manage your employees. Additionally, we’ll walk you through a host of important topics to manage your business including: filing your business taxes, legal considerations, forecasting for future growth, and managing employees.


  1. Self-Employment Payroll Tax – ESTIMATOR
  2. Startup Cost Estimator
  3. Working Capital – General Information
  4. Maintaining Financial Health – JCBRC
  5. Cash Flow Estimator - Monthly
  6. Profit & Loss Projection - 1 Year


  1. Local Government--Who you need to be dealing with
  2. County Government - Who you need to be dealing with.
  3. State Government--Who you need to be dealing with.
  4. Federal Government--Who you need to be dealing with
  5. Self-Employment Payroll Tax – ESTIMATOR
  6. Payroll Taxes – ESTIMATOR
  7. Worker’ Compensation Insurance & Business Ownership
  8. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements for Employers Brochure
  9. Workers’ Compensation Rejection of Coverage – Form
  10. Vendor Negotiations – Buying Products & Services – JCBRC
  11. Free Business Tools
  12. Online Business Setup Assistance
  13. Accounting-Bookkeeping Resources
  14. Commercial Property & Office Space
  15. Cost Estimator-Start-up & Sales Revenue 3 years
  16. Customer Service
  17. Sales-Use Tax State of Colorado
  18. Vendor Negotiations-How to Negotiate Prices & More
  19. Website Development - Free Resources 
  1. Visibility Check List - Can Your Customers Find You
  2. Branding for Premium Value – Ted Case
  3. Marketing on a Shoestring – JCBRC
  4. Places for Online Business Reviews 
  5. Places to Advertise-Market Your Business 
  6. Places to List Your Business
  7. Media - Broadcast (TV & Cable)
  8. Media - Print Advertising
  9. Media Terminology - Glossary
  10. Branding - Building Your Brand Image Comcast
  11. Promote Yourself to Area Businesses with the JCBRC Directory
  12. Groupon - Crowd Savings - Living Social 


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