Introduction and Mission

Introduction and MissionStarting a business in Jefferson County, Colorado? The Jefferson County Business Resource Center (JCBRC) has been formed as a centralized, one-stop organization for your business assistance needs.

The Jefferson County Business Resource Center provides access to resources and comprehensive services at no cost or low cost for start-up businesses and established businesses in the county. Our approach is that of “Economic Gardening” where entrepreneurial activity is fostered by providing the essential information, infrastructure, and connections needed for business development and growth.






Business assistance services include:

  1. Business Viability Analysis and Strategic Planning
  2. Assistance with Business Plan Development
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Industry Specific Research 
  5. Demographic and Expenditure Data 
  6. Business to Residential Targeted Mailing Lists
  7. Business Vendor Lists 
  8. Business Consumer Tips
  9. Brand and Marketing Materials Assistance
  10. Information on Sources of Financing
  11. Direct links to Essential Information on Governmental/Regulatory Agency Sites
  12. Business Education and Workforce Assistance