Welcome to the Business Referral Approval Process. The Jefferson County Business Resource Center (JCBRC) wants to help our businesses grow through increased visibility. We want to identify reputable businesses within Jefferson County, Colorado that provide outstanding goods and/or services. You will need to complete the on-line process under “Promote Your Business”. If you qualify, your information will be placed on a list and will be made available to consumers and businesses via our website.


Please note, we are not able to endorse or promote any particular business, but rather, we provide an online list of qualified vendors within Jefferson County, Colorado. In an ongoing effort to maintain the integrity of our business list, we ask our citizen’s and businesses for positive and negative feedback when using the businesses on our Businesses Directory List.


In this process you will be asked to follow these steps:

1. Read and acknowledge the “Code of Ethics.” You must agree to these terms if you wish to be allowed to complete the “Business Vendor Qualification Registration & Assessment.”

2. Complete and submit the “Business Vendor Qualification Registration & Assessment.” The information you provide will be reviewed. The JCBRC will contact you to let you know the outcome.

Did you know…? In a recent quality check for customer service it was noted that 97% of the businesses visited failed to generate a “very satisfied” customer outcome. They failed because of the following:

  • Lack of Basic Courtesy and Respect
  • Inadequate Knowledge of Products and/or Services
  • Not Listening to the Customer/Client
  • Negative Attitudes

Source: Cindy Lewis & Marian Brzykey, A Passion for Service

We ask that you read and agree to the following Code of Ethics so that you remain in the top 3% of businesses that have a “Very Satisfied” customer service rating.

Code of Ethics
As a business on the Jefferson County Business Resource Center’s Referral List we/I, acknowledge that if selected through the qualification process, we/I will remain on this list be agreeing to the following:

1. Always provide prompt, attentive, and respectful customer service.

2. Always be thoroughly informed about the products and/or services provided.

3. All products provided and/or services performed will meet or exceed standards for the industry.

4. Provide a full disclosure (to the best of your knowledge) of all risks and costs associated with products and/or services rendered.

5. All contractual terms and conditions will be fully specified in writing and honored (unless beyond the control of the business providing goods and/or services).

6. Any changes, departures, and/or amendments to the original contract will be provided in writing and accepted by the client/customer.

7. If we/I receive a client/customer complaint, We/I will do what’s reasonable and within our power to resolve to the client/customer’s satisfaction, any legitimate grievance.

8. Advance payments will only be accepted under the following conditions:

  • Retainers required by attorneys
  • Deposits required for health care and medical procedures
  • Escrow accounts required for payment of services
  • Payments made with credit cards (such payments may be reversed within 60 days if a dispute arises)
  • Payments made for materials ordered for the client/customer
  • Payments made for materials that are delivered to the client/customer
  • Payments made under the provisions of mutually agreed upon contracts
  • Fully disclosed fees for estimates and/or so-called “trip charges”

9. We/I agree that a condition of remaining on the referral list of the Jefferson County Business Resource Center (JCBRC) is remaining in compliance with the Code of Ethics outline above.

10. We/I understand that the Jefferson County Business Resource Center (JCBRC) by providing a Business Vendor Referral List is not endorsing any particular provider or products and/or services.

11. We/I understand that the Jefferson County Business Resource Center (JCBRC) may publicize consumer comments, whether positive or negative, on the website. Persistent negative feedback may result in removal from the Business Referral List.

**After completing the Approved Business Application, please scroll up for additional instructions.

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